Product Name : SF-50
Product Description
Wire and Strip Stamping & Forming Machine


  1. Double cam slide to enforce slide return
  2. Schneider Servo System and Electronic Components
  3. Material feeder(Gripper type) precision +/-0.015mm
  4. With programmable timing of Input/Output signal, available to connect to external device, such as: timing of solenoid, inner/outer thread cutter, welding machine, assembly machine etc.
Product Introduction
Wire and Strip Stamping & Forming Machine
Double cam slide to enforce slide return
Schneider Servo System and Electronic Components

Wire and Strip Stamping & Forming Machine

We list some benefits as below for your reference:

1. Hybrid Machining Process: AMAX wire/strip machine is CNC Servo Control, with I/O port to connect to external device, such as tapping, welding, press machine and so on. That enables Amax user to edit program to launch external device to work with AMAX machine. Nowadays our customers need not only single machine, but also automatic production line. For saving labors or future requirement, Amax machine is what you really need. The following link is one of the production line which we have ever designed:

2. Save material: Press machine requires material chain to keep feed-in continuously. Otherwise, to dispatch an operator to hand material to feed piece by piece will be worse choice. Fortunately, Amax machine can run without material chain. Hence, our machine uses narrower material than press machine. For the same component, Amax users will spend much less material than press machine. That is why our customers have saved a lot comparing to another competitor!

3. Easy maintenance and set-up: The die and tool position and stroke of press machine are almost fixed. But those of Amax machine and stroke can be set easily, especially for the adjustment of some specific die and tool.

4. Automation production line available: The features of Amax machine enable our machine can be part of automation production line. Or we can build automation production line for your specific purpose (Turnkey Solution).

Comparison with similar machines

1. Spring coiler: more suitable for forming round wire, can not preform punching operations, production speed relatively slow.

2. Press: single movement, independent adjustment of a single dimension is inconvenient, the whole tool-set needs to be changed, not suitable for connecting external equipment, large amount of waste, high risk to the operator

Future development

At present moment, the forming machine occupies only a small portion of the market, because qualified technical personal is scarce. However, its production efficiency, stability, multiple functions and safety are superior to those of press. In future, as production technologies change, forming machine will gradually take over press market. As technical personnel gradually becomes familiar with forming machines, and they are becoming more wide spread, their market share will surely see a dramatic increase.

Model NumberSF-16SF-40SF-50
Wire Capacity(mm) 0.2-1.6 1.0-4.0 1.5-5.0
Stirp Capacity(mm) 0.1-0.9X20 0.3-1.5X40 0.3-2.0X40
Hardness of Wire(Carbon) 80C 80C 80C
Max Feed length (mm) 150 250 250
Axes 1 or 2 1 or 2 or 3 1 or 2 or 3
Slide Accessories 6 6 6
Motor capacity(ton) Press 5 15 30
slide 0.8 3 6.5
Dimension(mm) 1580X650X1580 1920X900X1900 2910X1290X2260
Weight(kgs) 500 1900 2660
The specifications are subject to change without notice.