Product Name : SP-40
Product Description
Wire and Strip Stamping & Forming Machine


  1. Schneider Servo System and Electronic Components
  2. Material feeder (Roller type) precision +/-0.02mm
  3. With programmable timing of Input/Output signal, available to connect to external device, such as: timing of solenoid, inner/outer thread cutter, welding machine, assembly machine etc.
Wire Capacity(mm)0.6-4.0
Model NumberSP-40
Stirp Capacity(mm) 0.3-1.2x30
Hardness of Wire(Carbon) 80C
Max Feed length (mm)
Axes 2
Slide Accessories   1
Motor capacity(ton) Press 8
slide 1.8
Dimension(mm)   1200x580x1460
Weight(kgs)   550
The specifications are subject to change without notice.