Product Name : ST-500A
Product Description
Spring Testing Machine


Spring Testing Machine
  1. High accuracy of test speed is controlled by computer
  2. Driving Motor is High-respond AC servo motor
  3. Crossed is driven by low-friction and backlashless ball screws, so that high precision control can be proformed.
  4. all the text can be carried out in the same testing space, the operation is quite easy
  5. Load measuring range is wide from x1 to x50
  6. Raw data and processed data can be stored in any disk and path that have been set
  7. Load-displacement curve and digital are displayed on the color graphic CRT
  8. The program of operating control and data processing can be added
Model NumberST-50AST-100AST-200AST-500A
Capacity (kgf) 1-50 2-100 4-200 10-500
Min Reading of Load (gf) 0.5-2.5 1-50 2-100 5-250
Length of Measurements (mm) 0.01-400
Dia of Compression Mount (mm) 80 120
Testing Speed 0.5-500 mm/min
Accuracy of Speed 0.001
The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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