Product Name : Cornering Fatigue Tester
Product Description
The main function is to control the servo motor rotation by computer-powered  PC DI/DO card and A/D card, and simulate the car wheel rotation with servo motor rotation.

1.Its main purpose is to understand the changes in torque and the displacement deformation of the rim at different speeds. Laser sensors are installed to detect rims' displacement deformation, and load gauges are equipped to detect changes in torque
2.Proximity sensors are installed to detect the upper limit of displacement, upper and lower limit of height, safety door, aluminum plate protection and other safety measures.
3.Moreover, display torque-displacement chart in time to show the rotation of the wheel.

More information:

maximum capacity


Load accuracy

Less than 1%

Rotational speed


Rim diameter



JIS D4103


Modifications are subjected to change without prior notice.