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   All SF, SFE, and SP series machines are driven by the servo motor and controlled by a reliable HMI system. This enables companies to assign one technician in charge of 3-5 machines simultaneously to raise more than 30% production and to save 90% labor expenses. Our machines have multitasking functions to save 75% space usage, like punching, blanking, cutting, bending, deep drawing, marking, welding, threading, tapping, milling, chamfering, and more functions. Also, our machines can save up to 60% of electricity. Unlike traditional machines, we use the Schneider servo motor with high performance and efficiency.

   Moreover, it is available to build the production line for future needs by linking to other equipment, such as press machines, welding devices, tapping machines, etc.
   Amax is one of the leading spring-making machine manufacturers. So far, our spring-making machine has been sold to the USA, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Turkey, and many other countries. If you have relevant requirements for our forming machines, please do not hesitate to contact Amax.

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