Product Name : WB-5
Product Description
Wire Bending Machine

Amax is one of the leading CNC wire bending machine manufacturers. CNC wire bending machines are used in various applications. The wire bending machine runs at a very high speed and the bending process is completed within a few seconds. CNC wire bending machines are essential for most industries. Because it has the ability to bend the wire and make it into a specific shape, it can still ensure its durability or high tensile strength. With the help of wire bending machines, more robust and high-quality manufactured products can be produced. CNC wire bending machines are more popular than ever because they require less time to set up and have flexibility.
Model NumberWB-5
Wire Capacity(mm) 3.0-8.0
Feed Length 1000
Axes 5
Wire Rotate (Degree) 360
Bending Angle (Degree) +/-720
Dimension (mm) 2200*1200*2000
Weight (kgs) 2800
The specifications are subject to change without notice.